Sunrise Tactical

GS2963: Arm Board

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Sunrise Tactical Arm Board

What is it?

This is a genuine article, the Sunrise Tactical Arm Board / Tactical Wrist Coach.

This is the Original version that Sunrise has been producing since 2012, I know that some of you prefer the straps so I am going to continue to make them. If you want the new G2 version, look at the "relatated items" at the bottom of the page.

Arm board /Tactical wrist coach is used to hold standard 3" x 5" cards, inside is a pen loop to hold your grease pencil or dry erase marker, (do not use permanent markers).

Now being used by Military, Federal agencies, Police, hunters, Field target shooters, and anyone needing to keep data close at hand.

Made from 1,000 D nylon, please specify color. Data card and pencil not included.

One size fits most.

How beat up is it?

New, I think.