Tips and Tricks: Tripod Work with the Gunwerks Competition Verdict

We got to spend some time out in the Wyoming countryside playing with our new Gunwerks Competition Verdict, working on tripod fundamentals for long range shooting.

We figured we’d take a second and make a quick Tips & Tricks entry on some of the secrets we employ to successfully connect at distance.

Tripods can be a hugely effective, may we say max effective, tool to increase stability in awkward positions commonly encountered in field conditions.  The tripod has become an integral component of the precision rifle kit, and is used by competitors, hunters, and MIL/LEO to increase their stability from an elevated position.  In the wise words of Shadow Tech - makers of the Hog Saddle, "a shot is rarely taken from prone."

With the exception of the Missouri Steel Tactical PRS Club-Series (MOST), who outlaws the tripod's use in competitions for unknown reasons, tripods have taken the nation by storm.  You'll see them everywhere.

Check out this video to see how we're using them today and let us know where you think their utilization will take us tomorrow!

Rifle: Gunwerks Competition Verdict
Caliber: 6mm Creedmoor
Stock: Gunwerks Heavy Fill Verdict
Action: Gunwerks GLR
Barrel: Proof Research, Competition Contour, 26”
Scope: Vortex Optics Gen II Razor 4.5-27x56mm
Mount: Spuhr ISMS
Brake: Area 419 Hellfire

Tripod: Really Right Stuff SOAR TVC-33
Tripod Head: RRS TA-3 Leveling Base

Rifle: Accuracy International AXMC
Caliber: 338 Lapua Magnum
Stock: Accuracy International AX
Action: Accuracy International, 6 Lug
Barrel: Bartlein (Factory AI), 2018 Contour, 27”
Scope: Vortex Optics Gen II Razor 4.5-27x56mm
Mount: Spuhr ISMS
Brake: Factory AI

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy, and hopefully you learned something!!

Max Effective: Extend Your Range



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