New Gadget from the Folks at Revic!!

You're probably here looking for info on this cool shiny new toy from Revic Optics! Well, you're gonna have to wait to get the official scoop. This is just a #leaked photo...

But hey, I'll leak a little information in addition to the officially "unapproved" photos leaked below. You've been asking, so we'll bite. But only a little. This is nothing more than what's been shared from a couple of other individuals sporting some of the super secret squirrel knowledge.

This is a new device from the folks at Gunwerks and Revic (check out the cool eagle logo), a project they're internally dubbing the BHD. You can use your imagination to determine what that means. No, not that. Get your mind out of the gutter! Think ballistic.

As evidenced in the pictures, it is a wind/weather station with integrated ballistics. But there's more to this thing than meets the eye. There's a whole slew of other internal sensors, HUDs, modules, and goodies. The thing is integrated up the wazoo. 'All-in-one' would be an understatement. Did we mention Android??

There will be more info to follow. At some point... Like when they get closer to the official product launch later this year. Like mid-year, when they hope to be available and shipping. With awesome pricing. For now, you'll just have to speculate all the whiz-bang things this little guy can do.

Did we say too much?! Hope not......

What else do you want to know? Comment below and we'll see what else we can get approved to leak. 😀

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